Creativity blogs that will take you to the next level

I need my dose of inspiration. Daily.

Yes, I’m a junkie. I love playing at Pasino!

There were days where I thought I’d never make it as a writer. Days where I wanted to stay in bed, pitying myself.

Those days are over.


Because of all the amazing people who made it work, and who share it. Their example and encouragement took me to the next level.

Their creativity blogs are a constant resource of inspiration, ideas, information and fun that takes my life to higher grounds.

They are my dose of daily inspiration, and I know that all creatives need one (or more). If you want to know more about this topic, just click the following link:

So if you struggle to discover those creativity blogs that are worth your while, let me share my addictions with you.
But beware: You’ll likely to become an addict faster then you think.

The upside: Your creative life will never be the same.


You need a mentor.

It’s great to have a personal one, but online mentors are as important.

In her podcast, Joanna Penn once emphasized the importance of having an online mentor, and I thought to myself: Well, then it’s definitely you!

Joanna loves authors. Her first and foremost aim is to empower them, and that’s how I feel after following her for probably years now. Empowered.

Reading Joanna’s articles and listening to the podcast is a delight. Especially the introductions always fuel me with new ideas and motivation for how to proceed with my story writing. I never miss a podcast episode. Her voice radiates an always positive attitude, she is real and genuine about her writing life.

Joanna is a visionary. She started self-publishing before it was a trend. She podcasted before everyone else jumped on the train. She is geeky about futurist stuff and loves new development instead of condemning it. This is probably one of the reasons why she’ll never be behind – and you will also be always on top of things following her.


Katie Weiland was my first mentor concerning writing craft.

Craft comes easy with her. It’s practical. It’s doable.

And it works.

While I struggled to start writing my first novel, I stumbled upon her blog and bought her books on outlining and structure – they literally changed my writing life!

I understood the process of outlining which helped me shape my novel. The understanding of structure revolutionized the way I wrote the middle section (Act II) of my novel, which I always struggled with.

Her resources are all about practical advice on writing fiction, things you can instantly and easily implement into your routines.


Self-publishers have reached the right address here.

We’re leaving the safe waters of “writing craft”, and entering the uncertain ocean of business. But Mark navigates this ocean for you.

Let’s face it: we need a book marketing strategy and navigation around writing business, because as indies, we’re not just creators but also businessmen (and -women).

This blog is a treasure chest for the secret of success, including technicalities. Mark makes navigating the ocean of self-publishing doable. With the blog, it’s easy to achieve real-life, hands-on results.

But Mark does more. Just look at the way he presents his blog visually – he makes it fun and straightforward!

Darcy’s blog is all about the little details. Literally.

She emphasizes the importance and skill of colorful and extraordinary descriptions.

Her posts are short and easy to digest, but sum up the issue in a nutshell.

For everybody who needs a little something to inspire and fix your story writing quickly, this is the creativity blog to go to.

A lifestyle blog for writers.

A niche deeply needed for our doubts and downs.

Nicole borrows from those who have gone this way long ago: Hemingsway, C.S. Lewis, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Arthur Conan Doyle – the list goes on.

Films about writers, famous authors’ unusual hobbies and lots of articles on being a prolific author. This is a blog full of practical tips and tricks for the everyday writing life that will sometimes “wow” you, and motivate you to actually WRITE (which we too often get distracted from).

As a filmmaker, I am a very visual person.

I derive most of my inspiration from films, scenes, lights, camera work, and moods. James Patterson stresses the importance of having a movie projector in your head when writing. So cinema and TV is my number one resource to become a better storyteller.

This is where I go for visual storytelling.

Sage Hyden’s video essays are dead on.

The insight he brings doesn’t spring from opinions but from deep research he cites in his videos. He allows us to take part in this research and become better viewers, writers, and creatives.

But it doesn’t mean the videos are boring – ou contraire.

Michael’s channel is worth a follow.

Whether it’s looking at the anatomy of story structure, or how to create the ultimate antagonist, he tries to make every video provide a useful lesson while also highlighting the reasons we love our favorite movies.

There is a seemingly endless number of great films to examine, and he finds the lesson in all of them.

Lifestyle is the sum of the days we live – day in, day out. It is our routine.

The optimization of our daily routine is what makes our creative lives successful. We need to know how to use our time wisely.
Those were the blogs that changed my routines, helped me live more productively and altered my outlook on everyday life.

This one is probably the best blog on productivity and habits! It contains endless articles and resources on lifestyle topics, and it really helped me understand how the human mind and habit forming works.

At its core lies the question: How can we live better? James answers it in two ways.

On one hand, by trying to understand the forces that shape failure and success, on the other hand, by applying the principles to everyday life.